At KwikClear we have tailored our services to suit our customers.

At KwiKClear, we have tailored our services to suit our customers. Above all we ensure each service offer is conveniently delivered with the quality, respect and professionalism it deserves. Choose one, a combination or all of our services when booking a collection.

Dismantle, Shift & Collect

Cannot physically move goods from your property to the Van for any reason? No problem.

With our shift and collect service, we will move all you rubbish from the property to the van. This will include any furniture dismantling. So whether it’s a wardrobe, a dining table or a display unit or office furniture, our team will neatly dismantle it before shifting and loading into a waiting van. This is a particularly attractive service if for any reason or another you cannot do it yourself.

Note: This service may attract higher charges due to the time it will take our team to clear the rubbish.

Dismantle & Collect

Maybe you need help dismantling an outside structure such as fences, sheds etc. No problem.

Our dedicated team will dismantle your fence, doghouse, sheds or even tree houses. All you need to do is let us know well in advance that you want some dismantling work done. We will then ensure that our road team will bring the relevant tools to perform the task.

Collection Only

Maybe you have the manpower to shift all you rubbish outside. Whether you are a group of students at the end of your tenancy, or a tradesman who has just dismantled a bathroom, this will be for you. All you need to do is to shift your rubbish to an easily accessible location outside your property and our team will simple lift and load into a waiting van. Hipped rubbish can be either bagged in skip bags or simply placed on the floor.

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