Volume-Based Charges

Standard charges on waste collections are volume-based. We are no different at Kwikclear. Our simple price structure is based on a minimum rate plus £20 per cubic yard thereafter.

Cubic Yards Size Price
Size Price
Loading Time
< 1 £108 £50 15 Mins
1 £60
2 £75
3 £144 £95 30 Mins
4 £115
5 £135
6 £204 £155 60 Mins
7 £175
8 £195
9 £300 £215 90 Mins
10 £235
11 £255
12 £275

Domestic price guide

Sometimes it’s not easy to estimate the volume of your rubbish, particularly on house clearances. We have set up a price guide on house removals based on the number of bedrooms as a standard measure.

No. Of Bedrooms Est. Cubic Yards Our Price
Bedsit 8 £195
1 10 £235
2 18 £315
3 22 £404
Larger House 22+ £POA

*An extra charge rate may be applied should the clearance work exceed our generous estimated loading times. Extra time is charged at a rate of £20 per hour. For this reason, it is important to ensure that all your unwanted goods are easily accessible.

Hazardous Goods

Some household goods contain harmful substances which may be classified as hazardous. These include fridge coolant gas, battery acids, tyre rubbers etc. Please note that an extra charge is added to cover for disposal charges. We do not carry hazardous industrial waste such as chemicals.

Item Charge
Domestic Fridge £30
Commercial Fridge £90
Car Battery £8
Car Tyre £6
Fluorescent Tube £6

Some Advice

Remember always seek the services of a qualified individual to disconnect gas-powered household equipment, such as boilers and hobs.

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