We are a registered Waste Carrier

KwiKClear is a holder of the Environment Agency’s waste carrier licence, which means that we are authorised to collect rubbish and dispose of it for our customers.

We are better value than Skip Hire

Fixed Volume

Only pay for what you dispose of - Payment is volume based

Planning permission required in some cases if skip is on public road

No planning permission required

You do the loading

Our field team do the loading for you

Bad neighbours can fill up skip leaving you to pay for other people’s rubbish

Only your rubbish is carried away

Weight limit access restriction may apply

No weight restriction

Skip lorry may damage your driveway

No risk to driveway damages

Restrictions in what can be put in skip

No restrictions; as long as it’s not hazardous materials

You will have to wait till Monday to get another skip

You request weekend visits

No dismantling services with skip hire

We dismantle furniture where required at no extra cost

Most skip hire companies close business at 17:30

Night clearances can be arranged (e.g. shop renovations)


We endeavour to recycle, reclaim and reuse as much of what we collect as possible. We work with local recycling and reclamation sites and provide reusable items to local charities with only a handful of what we collect ending up in landfill sites. We do your bit of looking after the environment.

At KwiKClear, we like what we do. Professionalism comes as standard. We endeavour to deliver a quality service to our customers while ensuring you do not pay over the odds for it.

Value for money

At KwiKClear we believe in providing a service which guarantees low prices for our customers.

Pay your Way

For your convenience, KwiKClear offers several payment methods. You can choose one or a combination:

We can even arrange 30-day payment terms for regular customers (terms & conditions apply).

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